#LIGHTFORUM2018 Q&A: Paul Markovich

Paul Markovich, CEO, Blue Shield of California is president and CEO of Blue Shield of California, a 4-million-member nonprofit health plan, with more than $17 billion in annual revenue, that serves the state’s commercial, individual and government markets. Markovich assumed the position of CEO in January 2013.  At LIGHT 2018, hear from Paul as he joins in a conversation with other healthcare and technology leaders (May 9, 11:30 am). 

1. How has the healthcare provider landscape changed in the last five years?

What is more interesting is what has not changed.  Specifically, we have not materially improved provider productivity or efficiency despite the widespread adoption of electronic medical records and the rapid increase in the availability of new technology.

2. What are tech innovators missing (or what do they often miss) when it comes to working in healthcare?

The fact that health care has not yet joined the digital age. Due to the fragmentation and lack of standards, there are huge barriers to broad, rapid adoption of technology into any clinical work flow.  This should be our top priority to resolve as an industry.

3. What are the latest innovations you’re most excited about?

Bringing health care into the digital age.

Blue Shield of California has been a catalyst in forming Manifest MedEx, California’s largest, next-generation health information exchange. Manifest Medex facilitates the delivery of real-time, comprehensive health care data to providers and payers on a secure, open platform and is a crucial prerequisite to transforming our fragmented health care system.

4. What are the biggest challenges on creating and sustaining an affordable healthcare system?

We need to do three things to create a health care system that we like to describe as “worthy of our family and friends and sustainably affordable.”  Bring health care into the digital age. Tie pay to value. Create a truly member-centered experience. When we can do those three things, we should be able to fulfill that goal.

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